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Texas Beefhouse is a family owned and operated business.

Thank you for visiting our website and trying our product. Texas Beefhouse was founded in 2017. After a decade of selling whole and half beef to friends and family, Aaron and Tyler decide there was a need to sale indivual cuts of quality beef to the public and thats when Texas Beefhouse was started. Perfectly name after our home town of Whitehouse.

Our goal here at Texas Beefhouse is simple. We want to provide affordable, farm raised beef from our fields to your family. Our customers know where their beef comes from, do you?

In 2015 the House of Representatives repealed the COOL law (Country of Orgin Labeling) which had allowed consumers at the grocery store to view what country raised and slaughtered the packaged meat. Without the COOL law its a guess as to what country your beef comes from. 

Want to learn more about the quality of our beef? Check out some of our featured articles

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Damn Good Steaks  A Perfect Sunday

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