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How do we custom cut
your Whole or Half beef?

All of our whole or half beef is custom butchered to your needs. Each customer fills out a cut sheet. This is an easy process done with the assistance of our staff over the phone. Once the beef is vacuum packaged and ready for pick up, our staff can arrange for home delivery or the customer can pick up directly from the butcher. This process has been refined to produce a seamless pipeline of locally raised wholesome beef that is customized on an individual basis.

Ready to Eat?

View or download our cut sheet here.

Call Tyler DuVall when you're ready to order at 903-316-6225

  • Wagyu beef is $9.00/pound on hanging weight. 

  • Angus beef is $7.00/pound on hanging weight.

  • Each hanging weight of a whole beef averages 850-900 lbs

  • Each hanging weight of a half beef averages 425-450 lbs

  • Our most popular purchase is a half beef

  • All our beef is aged unless you say otherwise. The most popular time is 21 days.

 Each customer will receive a butcher sheet that allows the customer to customize their whole or half beef order. For example, how thick you want your steaks cut, type of steaks, different cuts of roast, brisket, beef ribs, fajita meat, tenderized beef cutlets, lean or nonlean hamburger meat . This amount of beef requires a sizable deep freezer.

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