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Wagyu Beef Delivered Right to Your Door

Do you know where your beef comes from? Do you know what’s really in it?

When you’re trying to get healthy protein for you and your family, grocery store meat is a gamble.

The meat that’s in your grocery store is often lower-quality meat from cows that were treated poorly.

At Texas Beefhouse, we’re a team of long-time Texas ranchers who know how to bring you high-quality meat from healthy cows.

Best of all, you’ll never have to leave the comfort of your Plano, TX, home for Wagyu beef. We deliver it to you.

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High-Quality Wagyu Delivery to Your Plano, TX, Home

Wagyu Roasts

Full-flavored and ready for your kitchen, our Wagyu roasts are sure to dazzle all your guests.

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Wagyu Steaks

The king of all meat is here. Enjoy a Wagyu steak and feel like royalty.

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Wagyu Beef Burgers

No more boring backyard barbecue burgers. Buy the best from Texas Beefhouse.

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And More

We stock a wide variety of cuts like beef bacon and summer sausage. Find your favorite today.

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Feed the Whole Family With Our Family Packs

When you need to feed a whole family, it pays to have a few cuts in the freezer–just in case. We deliver whole family-sized packs right to your doorstep.

Our packs include family favorites like Wagyu burgers and top sirloin.

Order a family pack today and find something for everyone to enjoy.

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Monthly Beef Delivery to Plano

Don’t worry about heading to the store. Keep your fridge (and maybe even freezer) stocked through our monthly delivery service.

You can have your favorites delivered to your door on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Easy Subscription Boxes

Pick Your Box

Handpick your favorite cuts, choose your delivery frequency, and find the box size that’s right for you.

Get Your Beef Delivery

We deliver right to your Plano, TX, home. Your beef will arrive frozen to ensure it stays fresh on the way to you.

Chow Down

Now, it’s time for the fun part. Get creative with the cooking and enjoy your favorite Wagyu cuts.

Whole and Half Wagyu From Texas Beefhouse

The best way to ensure your freezer is always stocked is by purchasing a whole or half Wagyu beef cow.

At just $10 per pound (hanging weight), your beef won’t break the bank.

When you’re ready, you can:

  • Choose the cuts you want
  • Decide on your cuts’ thickness
  • Select how long you want your beef aged

Contact Texas Beefhouse today to get your whole or half Wagyu cow.

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About Texas Beefhouse

We’ve brought top-notch beef to hungry families around the country since 2017.

Our East Texas beef ranchers take great care of your cow as it’s being raised. Once processed, each Texas Beefhouse cow is dry-aged for three weeks to ensure great flavor.

When you’re looking for Wagyu flavor without the traditional Wagyu price tag, shop Texas Beefhouse’s cuts to find your new favorite.

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