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Wagyu Beef, Aged & Delivered to your Terrell, TX, Home

Do you know where your beef really comes from?

Getting beef from the grocery store is a gamble. Lots of times, the cows are treated poorly, which results in subpar taste and quality.

At Texas Beefhouse, our happy and healthy Wagyu cattle are raised by experienced Texas ranchers. This guarantees our beef is mouth-wateringly delicious and ethically sourced.

Indulge in the exquisite flavors of the best Terrell, TX, Wagyu beef delivered straight to your doorstep.

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Premium Wagyu Beef Delivered to Your Terrell Home

Wagyu Steaks

Treat yourself to the best beef experience you've ever had. Our Wagyu steak is renowned for its marbling and rich flavor.

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Wagyu Roasts

Juicy and bursting with flavor, our Wagyu roasts make any meal feel like a gourmet feast.

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Wagyu Beef Burgers

Forget everything you thought you knew about burgers once you've tried our incredibly flavorful Wagyu beef burgers.

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And More

Find your new favorite meat when you explore the rest of our Wagyu cuts, like beef bacon and summer sausage.

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Wagyu Family Packs from Texas Beefhouse

Keep your freezer packed with farm-to-table Wagyu beef.

With Texas Beefhouse family packs, we've got you covered. Delivered straight to your door in Terrell, TX, these packs include all your family's favorites, like top sirloin and Wagyu steak burgers.

Order our Texas Beefhouse family bundles today and make sure your family always has something tasty to enjoy.

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Get A Wagyu Beef Delivery to Terrell Every Month

Make life simpler with a Texas Beefhouse subscription for your Wagyu beef cuts.

Get a handpicked assortment of premium Wagyu delivered directly to your doorstep every month or every quarter.

Wagyu Subscription Boxes are Simple

Pick Your Box

Customize your box size and whether you want it monthly or every three months.

Get Your Beef

We deliver straight to your Terrell, TX, home. Our beef arrives frozen to maintain its freshness.

Pile Your Plate

Enjoy whipping up lots of mouth-watering dishes with our top-notch Wagyu beef.

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Order Whole & Half Wagyu Beef from Texas Beefhouse

If you want to keep your freezer stocked with Wagyu beef, choosing a whole or half beef is the way to go.

At only $10 per pound (based on hanging weight), getting your Wagyu beef in Terrell, TX, won't break the bank. Plus, you're in full control:

  • Choose your favorite cuts
  • Decide how thick you want them
  • Select how long you want the beef aged before delivery

Reach out to Texas Beefhouse today to order your whole or half Wagyu cow.

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About Texas Beefhouse

Since 2017, we've been sharing our top-notch Wagyu beef with folks in East Texas.

Since then, we've grown our business and herds so everyone across the country can enjoy premium Wagyu beef.

Beef ranchers raise our cows on our East Texas ranch. After they're processed, each Texas Beefhouse cow is dry-aged for 21 days before being shipped to you.

If you want to try Wagyu beef without spending a fortune, look at our selection and find your favorite cut today.

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