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Aged and Delivered to Your Houston, TX, Home.

Texas Beefhouse is a farm-to-table ranch that’s committed to providing high-quality cuts of beef.

The industrial production of beef is wreaking havoc on our environment and our health.

We set out to raise happy, healthy cows on our Texas ranch, providing farm-to-table wagyu to Houston, TX, families.

If you’re looking for high-quality, affordable beef, shop our selection and order online today.

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Order Aged Wagyu Beef Delivered to Your Door


Nothing beats Wagyu steak. We offer all the traditional cuts you’d expect and few you might now.

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Whether it's for Sunday dinner or a holiday meal, our wagyu beef roasts make the perfect centerpiece for large meals.

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We offer traditional ground beef that will take your meals to the next level. Try one of our steak burgers for your next cookout.

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And More

From Wagyu summer sausage to beef bacon, we offer a variety of nontraditional cuts for you to share and enjoy.

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Family Packs from Texas Beefhouse

If you want to stock up on aged Wagyu beef, our family packs are a great way to do so affordably.

Delivered right to your door, our family packs include everything your family needs to eat wholesome, farm-raised Wagyu beef throughout the year.

Our packs are aged, frozen, and shipped directly to your door. They’re the fastest way to get Houston wagyu delivered directly to your door.

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Get Your Houston Wagyu Beef Subscription Box Every Month

Texas Beefhouse offers a monthly or quarterly subscription box full of hand-selected cuts of beef, ground beef, and more.

Every box you receive will have a curated selection of steaks, roasts, and ground meat–all delivered right to your door.

Subscription Boxes are Simple

Pick Your Box

We offer two box sizes. Every month, you’ll be able to select what size you want to receive.

Get Your Beef

We’ll ship your Wagyu beef directly to your home. All beef is shipped frozen to protect its freshness.

Pile Your Plate

Find the right recipes and good beef however you like it best. We hope you enjoy it.

Whole and Half Beefs from Texas Beefhouse

Buying a whole or half beef is one of the most cost-effective ways to stock your freezer with high-quality Wagyu beef.

When buying a whole or half, you can expect to pay only $10/pound (hanging weight). If you want a supply of Wagyu without breaking the bank, this is the way.

Every whole or half order will be cut according to your exact specifications. You’ll be able to tell us:

  • The cuts you want
  • The size and thickness of every cut
  • How long to age the beef before delivery

If you’re interested in a whole or half beef, contact Texas Beefhouse today to learn how we can help.

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About Texas Beefhouse

Texas Beefhouse was founded in 2017, but we’ve been raising and selling beef to friends and family for much longer than that.

Our original goal was to provide affordable, farm-raised beef to Texas families. We’re still committed to that goal, and have expanded our selection to offer even the biggest beef aficionados the cuts they want.

Our beef is second-to-none–farm-raised, dry aged for 21 days, and shipped directly to your door.

If you’ve been wanting to try Wagyu, find your favorite cut online today.

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