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What is our business model?

Our beef is raised right here in East Texas. Our company focuses its resources on developing the best Wagyu genetics which produces our high quality beef. Our family has spent the past two decades improving the quality of our beef herd. Taste the difference with Texas Beefhouse.

Discover why Wagyu Is the best

What is Texas Beefhouse’s recipe for raising great beef?

Texas Beefhouse utilizes the two best beef breeds in the industry;  registered angus and Wagyu cattle.  Each breed is known for being the industry leaders for the two most prized qualities of marbling and tenderness.  The genetic composition of an animal has a tremendous influence on the quality of meat that is produced.

The Wagyu breed is responsible for producing Kobe beef.  Kobe beef is world renown for its supreme feather marbling and buttery texture which creates its unique flavor and tenderness. It is the most expensive beef sold in the finest steak houses in the world. It is typically sold by the ounce. Texas Beefhouse allows you to customize a half/whole beef for your family. 

Texas Beefhouse uses only registered Wagyu bulls to produce its line of beef. Our Wagyu bulls are DNA tested to be pure Wagyu and are registered with The American Wagyu Association. 

What makes Texas Beefhouse different from typical feedlot beef?

Most beef purchased in the grocery stores or fine steak houses have been raised in feedlots designed for mass production of beef. Feedlot animals are routinely given steroids and hormones to maximize their growth and their feed is laced with antibiotics to minimize infections in these overcrowded conditions.

Just like humans, cattle are what they eat.  Texas Beefhouse raises beef from birth on spacious pastures with an endless supply of fresh grass and hay. Our beef are never given hormones or steroids. Our feed is free of any antibiotics.  Our beef drink fresh water from natural creeks and stock ponds. We believe that the only way to produce a clean and wholesome product is to never compromise on any component in the process.  At Texas Beefhouse we are committed to using superior genetic cattle which are raised in a natural environment to produce an elite quality beef that is second to none.

What is Aged beef?

Every beef at Texas Beefhouse is aged to perfection. The entire beef is hung in a cooler at a specific temperature that allows the beef to slowly age. All fresh beef is aged for at least a few days But Texas Beefhouse ages its beef for 21 days to allow enzymes that naturally occur in the meat to break down the muscle tissue, resulting in improved texture and flavor. The length of aging can be tailored to each customer’s specifications.  Beef of this quality is only available at the finest steak houses. Aged beef is not readily available to the public because of the added cost and time.  At Texas Beefhouse we age the entire beef and not just the choicest cuts of steak. This adds delicious flavor to the “whole” beef. A value few of our competitors can match.

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